Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm reverting back to random posts

The weekly post schedule was nice for encouraging me to write, but I feel like my pool of academic topics are a bit dry at the moment. Therefore, I'm going to revert back to posting at random as thoughts develop, even if that means that the blog may fail to draw in new readers. I may go back to regular posts in the future, but as of now proposal writing, research, and the demands of personal life (i.e. too much time spent at the climbing gym) are taking their toll on my creative faculties.

Meanwhile, here are some recent thoughts. I've had browser tabs to these two sites (OpenScience and Science 2.0) open for some time now but still haven't explored what they're about. I intend to do this soon. I like the idea of free and open source science. Opponents and critics to the movement exist (sorry, I don't have a reference handy), but in my mind the spirit of science is best captured here. Perhaps I'm just cranky and fed up with the politics of academia.

Also, I visited UCF's high performance computing center, a.k.a. Stokes HPCC, yesterday. I don't quite follow the jargon of IT people, but from what I could understand this is a big-ass computer cluster. Pleasingly, it's used by many different people at UCF and isn't just a PR ploy that serves little academic utility. Nice job, UCF.