Saturday, June 1, 2013

My latest LabVIEW code now up on GitHub

If anyone is curious to see my implementation of my LabVIEW code for the project I've been mentioning, I've now placed it in this GitHub respository: git:// There is a design document called program_design.html that should give you a good idea about what I was trying to do.

Now, it's not complete. I've only just managed to get it working. I need to clean it up A LOT, by creating more SubVI's and being more consistent with when I use global variables and when I pass data from the front panel. But if you have any ideas or comments, send them my way. I'd be happy to receive feedback from any LabVIEW pros out there.

---Update: November 6, 2013---

The code is no longer on GitHub, but you may e-mail me if you need it, as some of you have already done.